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    YAHOO今天新闻上说, 根据BRUSSELS (Reuters) -European Union citizens are overwhelmingly happy with life -- and that's official(只是官方).自己特意留心了关于荷兰的数据,说nearly three-quarters of Danes feel their pension is safe, while two-thirds of Finns and Dutch agree。还有最让人生气的是,Stress levels were highest at about 70 percent in Lithuania, Greece and Romania and lowest at around 25 percent in the Netherlands and Finland——芬兰人,当初没有机会认识什么芬兰人……从前的好朋友,在芬兰上学的韩国女生KD就说,芬兰人安静的象鬼,和他们一起住都从来不会特别留意他们存在过,于是对芬兰人的想象就很模式化了……所以当你得知他们曾经在二战中顽强抵抗苏联人的时候,还真的会感叹说,被冰雪磨练出来的意志就是如同钢铁一般坚强!






  • Come baby, i'll be right here waiting
  • i miss Laosun and because of you, i miss A'dam even more!!!
  • Life here is simple and positive

    Welcome back

    check out this report that made dutch people really proud

    dutch children are the happiest ones while the british children the unhappiest, hohoho


    i am now having an intense dutch lesson at uva, given by a happy father

    called Henk, he will pick up his young daughter to music courses every afternoon after our lessons, yesterday he took out his guitar in class and started singing children songs to foreignors like us, he can sing really well, and he's going to give a concert this saturday at crea, almost every student will go, because he is a cool dad as well as a energetic teacher, and as for a dutch guy, he's charming enough, owe to his hippy daddy, i guess